Retail Markup OMS

Retail markup OMS enhances the speed of your supply chain capabilities. With Retail markup OMS , your retail operation can rely on one trusted source for your technology needs.

Reduce manual work and focus on growing your business

Manage orders with pre-designed workflows based on order value, quantity, channel, stock levels, assignee and more. Add tags, notes, shipping costs, discounts, assign orders to team members, and trigger notifications.

A powerful tool for businesses with multiple warehouses and expanding operations

Create fulfillments on orders globally using advanced order routing. Route orders to be fulfilled from warehouse locations based on region or available stock. Assign orders to a fall-back warehouse of your choice, if the warehouse closest to them is running low.

Automated communication with customers and your team members

Build and retain customer confidence with instant and accurate order and shipping confirmation emails and invoices. Keep your team working efficiently with emails and Slack messages to keep track of tasks.

Optimise Your Profitability